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12th OEA International Aluminium Recycling Congress
25th - 26th February 2013,
Hyatt Regency Hotel Düsseldorf

What are the latest trends in aluminium recycling, where are the risk and chances? Recycling and its contribution to the raw material supply will run like a golden thread through the presentations and discussions of the 12th OEA International Aluminium Recycling Congress in Düsseldorf.
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Control Samples for Sale

The German Association of the Aluminium
Recycling Industry (VAR) offers continuous
castings samples of the alloys Al Si9Cu3(Fe)
(226) and Al Si12(Cu) (231) for the
application of the daily spectrometer

examination. The chemical composition
and the number of the alloy elements are
especially constructed for this application
field. The homogeneity testing has
already been carried out. The chemical
composition is secured by the round-
robin-analysis of VAR.
Should you be interested to purchase these
control samples (150.00 Euro per sample),
please contact:


International Aluminium-Pressure Die Casting Competition 2012 – The Awards

The competition has again been organised jointly by the Association of the Aluminium Recycling Industry (Verband der Aluminiumrecycling-Industrie, VAR) and the Organisation of the European Aluminium Recycling Industry (OEA). Three prizes were awarded and a further three entries were highly commended.
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New edition of the VAR list of Aluminium Casting Alloys

After the revision of the European Standards EN 1706 and EN 1676 in 2010 the VAR has adopted the amendments in a new list of Aluminium Casting Alloys. The list is available in English and German language.
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